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New Zealand based International Tax and Succession Planning Vehicles

New Zealand trusts and limited partnerships are successfully used and enjoy a justifiably excellent reputation in many jurisdictions as tax and succession planning vehicles for families and individuals with assets located in either one or several jurisdictions. Alternatively they are excellent structures for organisations requiring investment or holding vehicles in a 'safe' jurisdiction with a reliable and corruption-free legal system. If structured correctly these investment-planning vehicles will be exempt from New Zealand taxation.

In each case, New Zealand legislation and regulations allow the client to enjoy a very high level of confidentiality, which in today’s ever-changing political and socio-economic landscapes is crucial for family security.

The foreign trust structure does not require registration, and there is no requirement for licensing the private trust company. The Revenue requires a director of the trustee company to be a member of an approved organisation (a New Zealand registered lawyer, accountant or STEP member) in order to enjoy the tax exemptions. 

The New Zealand Limited Partnership is New Zealand’s answer to the foundation. It is a registered entity (thereby obtaining the limited liability enjoyed by companies), and as a consequence will not cease to exist on change of partners. If the limited partner is located offshore along with the assets, the limited partner will not be taxed in New Zealand. 

New Zealand is a member of the OECD and FATF – and has extensive tax treaties with most major jurisdictions. We therefore enjoy a reputation enjoyed by the high tax jurisdictions with all the tax and security advantages of the offshore world. 

Our trust legislation allows for many unique possibilities that are too numerous to mention on this page, but we would love to discuss them with you further. Helmores can assist in the formation and administration of the asset structure which may including ongoing fiduciary services in relation to the structure.

Please feel free to contact Pete Wyllie, Partner of Helmore Ayers Lawyers on a no-obligation basis to discuss possibilities further. Phone 03 366 5086 or email Pete using the contact form below.

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